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SHOP FABRICATION/ cutting, grinding ,welding and fitting 

Prints are required before work can begin to satisfy all specifications and client's needs . Once proposal is signed by client/ sign off on the design and shop drawings is next! This will put your project next in line depending on the work load.

ONSITE WELDING/ cutting, grinding, and fitting

We are setup for onsite tig/mig and Stick welding services.

We cut with oxy/acetylene torches as well as plasma cutters.

If you want some demolition and hauling we can do that!

Various Coatings on different Metals available!

If you want your Carbon Steel Hot Galvanized dipped that is not a problem!

If you want your Metal Powdercoated with a custom color that is not a problem! Give us a call and we can come out see what you need!

Welding Services St. Petersburg